1 noun (C)
1 an object or piece of information that helps someone solve a crime or mystery: He didn't know who had sent the letter, and the envelope provided no clue.
(+ to/about): We now have a clue to the time at which the murder took place. | search for clues: Our search for clues proved fruitless.
2 a question that you must solve in order to find the answer to a crossword or puzzle 2 (2): give sb a clue: I'll give you a clue, Kevin, it's a kind of bird.
3 not have a clue informal
a) to know nothing at all about the answer to a question or about how to do something: -Do you know how to switch this thing off?--I'm afraid I haven't got a clue.- | not have a clue where/why etc: We haven't got a clue where they could have disappeared to.
b) to be very stupid, or very bad at a particular activity: Myra just hits her kids when they start crying; she hasn't got a clue.
(+ about): No point asking Jill, she hasn't got a clue about maths. | not have a clue how/why etc: Evans hasn't got a clue how to get on with people.
4 a reason why something happens that you find by studying events, someone's behaviour etc: Childhood experiences may provide a clue as to why some adults develop phobias.
2 verb clue sb in phrasal verb (T) informal to give someone information about something: Mark clued me in on how the computer system works.

Longman dictionary of contemporary English. 2004.

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